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The Digital Nomad Experience

Embarking on the Next Adventure! Ten  years ago I created this Blog with intention to chronicle journeys past and present.  I ran out of steam by the end of the first year returning in 2015 for a short lived reprisal.  I am grateful I have kept the Blog alive and available.  Without new stories to add it pleases me to know my photos posted here have given others around the world reason to visit.  I am overwhelmed by the number of viewers regardless there is only historical content. This is about to change!  It is a new decade and my life and career have taken many turns.  Leaving a 21 year career in Travel caused me to think this Blog would no longer have relevance.  My current occupation has shifted to a fully remote work environment.  The opportunities before me are expanding at breathtaking pace and my plan is to join an ever increasing population who are taking their travel dreams to the next level.  I am becoming a Digital Nomad.

Let the Adventure Begin

Let the Adventure Begin!
Photo shown above:  Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia taken 1999

A Blog?  Now what exactly is this I am creating?  I have heard the term for years, especially when watching CNN on election night when they talk about "news from the blogosphere".  I consider myself fairly up on technology, however journaling to me has always been a private matter; until now.  What changed?  I guess I have in a way.  For the last few years, I have attempted to go along with the current trend they call "social networking".  After reading through pages of posts written by 'friends', many who I haven't seen in over 25 years, I began to ponder my reason for maintaining this particular venue of communication.  It has served me well in the past when I have been on the road while traveling, and for that I am grateful.  However, it has no continuity for me personally.  It no longer meets my needs, and I find that I am no longer a 'one size fits all' kind of person.

With that being said, I bid farewell to my profile from the past, and greet my Blog of the future.  Ironically, my vision for this Blog is to tell a story which retraces my steps of the past.  I entitled the Blog, "Transformations through Travel", intentionally.  I have devoted most of my life to exploring the world, its people, and the diversity of cultures we humans have created on this planet.  Never am I ceased to be amazed by some extraordinary act of kindness, generosity, or warm greeting even if there isn't a common language spoken.  The universal smile in most cases has worked wonders in bridging the gap where verbal communication has not been possible.

My desire is to share with you; my reader, my friends, my family, and perhaps in the end myself, as there is no guarantee any of you will be coming to visit this Blog, the journey I have taken through the myriad of trips from my past until present.  Much of what I will write will be from memory, some from journals.  I am doing this without an outline, no plan, or agenda.  I do have my photographs, nearly 2000 of them which will help guide my storytelling as they are logged chronologically.  I shall do my best to keep the Blog interesting, as well as amusing.  I too do not wish to put myself to sleep while writing.

I gave this Blog a big title, therefore I have a big task ahead of me.  Let the adventure begin!