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The Digital Nomad Experience

Embarking on the Next Adventure! Ten  years ago I created this Blog with intention to chronicle journeys past and present.  I ran out of steam by the end of the first year returning in 2015 for a short lived reprisal.  I am grateful I have kept the Blog alive and available.  Without new stories to add it pleases me to know my photos posted here have given others around the world reason to visit.  I am overwhelmed by the number of viewers regardless there is only historical content. This is about to change!  It is a new decade and my life and career have taken many turns.  Leaving a 21 year career in Travel caused me to think this Blog would no longer have relevance.  My current occupation has shifted to a fully remote work environment.  The opportunities before me are expanding at breathtaking pace and my plan is to join an ever increasing population who are taking their travel dreams to the next level.  I am becoming a Digital Nomad.

Vision - Past and Present

Transformations Through Travel began out of an idea to share experiences from a life time of travel.  Those who know me have encouraged me to tell my stories of global travel.  I started this Blog in 2012 and lost momentum.  The desire to tell a story still exists.  10 years have past and the goals I had in 2012 are not the same.  Today I desire to create new stories, new adventures in a way I never imagined possible.  I recall following other Travel Bloggers who were writing about their lives on the road (or plane, train, boat, ship, automobile and foot) and combining their passion with their work.  It appeared to me those able to manifest such dreamlife destinies were the select few who worked professionally as writers, photographers, tour operators and teachers of English.  It never occurred to me a day might arrive when living my dream was not reserved to a few precious weeks a year.

The landscape has given way for others to join the roaming-worker traveler expedition underway today.  The opportunities may be available to those working in roles confined to a computer and Internet Access though I have seen people in industries which demand in-person contact find ways to engage in this niche.

My goal is to share ideas I have learnt about setting the stage to take my life, my career and whatever necessities I can fit into a reasonable size roller-suitcase (I no longer have the strength to carry a giant back-pack) and put it down on Virtual paper.  Keeping true to the original idea I intend to tell stories from past adventures while adding new anecdotes in the here and now.

Thank you for joining me,